Our History


Russ Kulle (Founder)


After two decades of running new car dealerships in Dallas, Russ Kulle was at a crossroads. His five kids were growing up, and he did not want to miss any more of their youth. Russ was very thankful for the experiences and customers from those years as general manager, but he was ready to make a change that would afford him the one thing he could not get while running new car dealerships: time.


In 1996, Russ purchased property in Lewisville and his independent car business was born. The banks that he worked with while managing new car dealerships asked if he would be interested in liquidating their foreclosures. Thus, Bankers Liquidation Outlet was on its way and never looked back. In 2003, Russ purchased the perfect location on I35E in Denton and relocated Bankers Liquidation Outlet.


Over the years, most of the banks that Russ had established relationships with have been bought out by larger banks. Bankers Liquidation Outlet still handles some foreclosures, but now most of the inventory consists of new car dealership trade-ins. In the summer of 2011, Russ' oldest son Dan Kulle jumped on board, proud to be part of the family business. This father and son team has come together with one goal: Offer the best possible car buying experience to our neighbors in the north Texas area and beyond.



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